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Magnascent Iodine

2% Strength - 1 oz Bottle


 MagNascent™ is packaged in 1 oz. glass, dark amber bottles. Each drop provides 400 mcg of nascent iodine which is the RDA for an adult. Store in a cool, dry place. 

The 3 Way Cell Phone Power Enhancer

Battery Booster

Antenna Intensifier

EMR Defender






These Products Address Two Main Pet Problems:  Fleas / Ticks And Anxious or Problem Behavior.

This is the drug free solution, with no negative side effects

Q&A From Customers 


Fleas and Ticks

This product addresses the continued problem with flea and ticks, a problem that can be very costly if it gets out of control. The Flea & Tick Protector is designed as a barrier to flea and tick infestation. The Protector is enhanced with frequency technology that create a Drug Free Barrier  to flea and ticks.

The Protector works by using the animal's own  immune system to become more resistant to fleas and ticks. This product is safe for all animals.


· Package contains: (6) disks, a one year supply.


Your friend can loose his fleas and ticks naturally and without side effects for only $29.95.



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Emotional problems lead to unhealthy eating habits, which result in nutritional deficiencies. We have a Drug Free Solution for this problem with our product called “Calm.” This product is specifically made to combat depression by balancing your dog’s behavior, and also helps work to beat back a wide variety of secondary symptoms, including:

·         Anxiety When Traveling

·         Eating Disorders

·         Emotional Disorders

Calm is a Drug Free Technology that was designed to reduce emotional problems that can affect your pet’s heath and emotional life. This product is safe for all animals.

Package contains: (6) disks, a one year supply.


Have your friend back for only $29.95




Behavioral Problems Solved

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